Trending Now | The Oxblood Pants

This fall everyone knows wine, berry, burgundy, or oxblood are the IT colors everyone is snatching up! They are not usually the first colors I go for, but I do agree that they make a great fall tone and lately I am loving it! I’ve been seeing people wearing it on the streets for quite some time now and I can’t believe I waited for so long to grab a pair of my own.While the name alone conjures up gory images, oxblood is not a Halloween thing — it’s the hottest color trend of the season. I’m no perfect fashionista or a major trend setter but I know a good trend when I see one. And in this case, my current obsession would have to be oxblood pants. Why pants, you ask? Well simply because they’re a staple piece! You can dress them up, or down, however you want them.