Trending Now | The Oxblood Pants

This fall everyone knows wine, berry, burgundy, or oxblood are the IT colors everyone is snatching up! They are not usually the first colors I go for, but I do agree that they make a great fall tone and lately I am loving it! I’ve been seeing people wearing it on the streets for quite some time now and I can’t believe I waited for so long to grab a pair of my own.While the name alone conjures up gory images, oxblood is not a Halloween thing — it’s the hottest color trend of the season. I’m no perfect fashionista or a major trend setter but I know a good trend when I see one. And in this case, my current obsession would have to be oxblood pants. Why pants, you ask? Well simply because they’re a staple piece! You can dress them up, or down, however you want them.



September | Inspired Looks

I Cant believe september is actually here! Time to start looking into Fall outfits and I must say as much as I’m Looking forward to that, I don’t feel like I have had enough summer, colors, and mini skirts!! Well to get myself started with the whole transition mode, here are a few looks that I feel would be something I can get excited about.

Vintage beaded top and Leopard print





Burberry – Printed Fur Coat

Track Pants on Leather!




PINK On Blue Stripes


The Colored Pants










S T A P L E S : The Pencil Skirt


If you had to pick 10 must-have pieces for every wardrobe the pencil skirt would definitely make the cut. It has been here for many fashion decades and once in a while it makes a ‘comeback’ in a revisited fashion. While the black pencil skirt still is a wardrobe staple, the new season is presenting an attractive array of colorful and floral printed pencil skirts suitable for every occasion. I have a style crush on the mint green pencil skirt and is on my shopping wishlist for the upcoming seasons. Take a look at my picks.



S C O O P | Looks We’d Love To Keep

Fashion is all about the trends, and with each new season we wait impatiently to see what looks will keep trending and others that will soon be outdated. However, there are some looks that remain classics across the years while others look so good we’d wish they could stick around for many seasons to come. Here are a few of the looks I feel deserve a 2nd and even 3rd round in the world of style.

The Shorts & Blazer Combo

The Peplum Suit

The Tomboy Chic Look

The MAXI Skirt

The “Mens Wear” Inspired Look

The LACE Skirt

The Accessory “Stacking”

Introducing The Rugged Pink!

Pink seems to be this season’s hottest color, but even though I would wear pink just about any day, some of us don’t like the “girly” feel pink gives a look. Well, not to worry, pink is a beautiful color and if you are more into the tough/rugged looks, here are a few tips on how to toughen it up. Feminine, well yes, but all of the looks below are more sensual and refined than giddy and girly. Since this spring offers new approaches to wearing pink without it shouting out cuteness, princesses, or fairies, now is the time to open up to the delicate hue, and reclaim it as a cool color.

















Don’t Let Anyone EVER Dull Your Sparkle…

There are many people in life that like to spend their endless days and nights putting others down. Most of the times, and most of those people, are in conflict with their own inner selves and find it easier to throw their baggage at others.

In a fashion sense, many people can shower you with negative comments and unhelpful advice but deep down its the jealousy and lack of confidence that is  doing all the talking. We need balance … Here’s a few tips that can help…

 1. Know what matters to you most: It is important to know what your priorities are. Not what you think they are, not what you think they should be, not what you think others would like them to be for you.

2. Identify what you can do without: Go through your day, your home, your relationships, your job and your life. What’s sapping your energy? What are you doing that doesn’t need to be done?

3. Eliminate the toleration in your life: Tolerations are those things that we put up with, that we accept and take on, and that drag us down. Cross off items when you have worked them out of your life.

4. Define and eliminate your clutter: Begin to make space for what you want by getting rid of what you don’t.

5. Be Where You Are: Look down at your feet and ground yourself in the moment.

6. Please Yourself: If we try to make everyone else happy, we set ourselves up for failure. Find the things that please you and make you happy. It’s time to shift the focus from pleasing others to pleasing ourselves.

7. Go for the Joy: As the old saying goes “Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional”. If you put your focus on something that brings you joy, you’re liable to have and feel more joy in your life.

8. You can have it all: You CANNOT do it all. Having it all comes after you live your life based upon that notion. When you make a commitment to yourself to not do the things that aren’t in your best interest or aren’t worth your time and effort-you give yourself room to enjoy where you are and what you have. And you realize that you already have all you need.

9. Don’t let anyone ever Dull your sparkle!

Now its time for some Visual inspiration …