Think Pastels



1- They are just sweet looking , candy colors!

2 – You can mix with pastels using a different color for every piece (like the picture below) and still not feel overdone. (With brights and neons, mixing colors can create a very dramatic look and sometimes ends up looking all over the place rather than making a fashion statement).

3- They work for a day out, a business attire, and a sexy pastel dress can do wonders on a night out.




Why did she perfect the pastel trend?

1- The Mint / Pink mix is actually one of the trendiest and most popular with pastels at the moment. (Mint is so in! And we all love pink)

2- I Love the clutch choice. The color is a little more intense yet still can’t be classified as a bright nor a neon. And it gives a casual / chic feel.

3- The striped shirt tones down the look a little, and still highlights the pastel colors a little more.

4- The accessories only add chicness and a dash of  funk to the outfit (Love the Necklace).


DVF Spills: Top 3 Picks for Spring / Summer 2012

Diane von Furstenberg spring fashion picksDiane von Furstenberg, in an interview with ABC News, discussed her essentials this spring season listing her top three picks for spring. A fan of this big name in the fashion industry. Because business remains business, I´m not surprised to see that the list  shadows the essential features of her DVF Spring 2012 RTW.

So what does DVF wants us all to have in our closets this spring?

1. A white Dress

Diane von Furstenberg Spring 2012 catwalk opened with a gorgeous white wrap dress, and logically we would understand that now. A white dress is the number one on the list, and we couldn’t agree more! It´s dainty and clean, soft under the sun, and quite easy to dress up and down. It´s like styling a clean sheet, you start from scratch and can have fun with the colors and accessories.

white wrap dress

2. Utilitarian Florals

I think we all know by now that  bold floral prints are a primary trend for spring and summer 2012. But according to Diane, its not just any floral dress that does the trick. DVF describes the right florals to be blooming with an overall utilitarian shape. In simpler terms, go for floral prints that are trendy and creatively designed, but remain functional rather than exaggerated.

So there you have it ladies, when shopping for that floral summer dresses , remember what DVF said to look for in a printed dress.

Floral Print Silk Chiffon Dress

3. Unusual Pastels

Power pastel trend is a must for just about all the designers this seasons, and DVF is not an exception. Rest assured, you can most definitely go out in your statement pastel combo!

Diane von Furstenberg, however,  doesn´t go for a typical pastel matching and colorblocking, she aims at unusual pastel combinations. For example, go for pastel orange trousers, a neon green shirt, pulled together with a pastel gray jacket and, well, a slim contrast belt. Or opt for a layered dress with surprising pastel design. Now this woman knows what she is talking about!


So there we have our top 3 picks for DVF, shall we head off to the mall and start stashing some florals and pastels, after all, we do have DVF’s blessing!

Spring Must Have: ARM CANDY

To finish your outfit, nice accessories should not be missed. This spring/summer we see them in all shapes and sizes. Many times, when I really don’t feel like getting too dressed up, I add a little color or funk to my accessories and it seriously pulls the look together!

Take a look at the audiences of fashion shows and you can clearly see it. The more accessories, the trendier! Bags, necklaces, hair accessories, belts but mainly bracelets. In large numbers,in different colors, and preferably different sizes and textures.Spring/Summer Bracelets looks are looking absolutely gorgeous. From neons, to stacking and tribal touches – “less is more” is not the rule when it comes to accessorizing this season.

For a trendy look, there’s really no need to dig deep into your pockets (but if you can, then please do!) . Its as easy as tying a simple colored ribbon, colored string or a leather strap, combined with a bangle or two (preferably different colors) and there you have it! Gold jewelry scores well this summer as well, but make sure to add it with color, more color , and another color! Take a look at some of my favorite arm candy designs I chose to share with you.

Happy Shopping!

Tally Weijl: Super Cute, Super Easy

I really like those type of outfits that look so funky and are in fact super easy to pull off. Tally Weijl is one of those brands that has been getting more popular in my fashion rankings due to those super easy, funky, and trendy looks they put together.  I will demonstrate a few looks to give you some insight, but keep in mind, Tally Weijl is just an example, these looks can be pulled off using pieces you probably already have in your closet!

It really only takes some inspiration / tips / visual aid to be able to put together something you have been looking at either at your favorite mall, pinterest followers, co worker  (you get my point) and wishing you could pull off. Well good news is, YOU ABSOLUTELY CAN!

Look #1

This outfit is cute, fresh, and features pieces that are all very trendy. Take a look at what this look features.

The skirt’s layers and lace details makes it a must have this season, and I think we all have at least ONE printed T-shirt and a look alike bag that we could grab out of our closets. The pumps could vary according to style, and the socks are a funky add to this look.

Look #2

This is a casual chic look with a funky fresh pastel inserts. What I like about this look is that you could customize the colors to go with whatever it is you have in your closet. The blazer could be just about any color (If you decide to go with brights you might need to tone down the bag). You could even switch the white and nude between the pants and the blazer as you like best.

Look #3

This outfit ticks all the right boxes for me. I absolutely love the short skirt topped with a printed shirt, gives it a sexy yet classy feel. I would actually wear this for a girls night out! The short skirt gives a night time vibe but, the colors give a fresh and young touch, and the topped printed shirt inserts some sporty elegance, while the Nude bag keeps the look toned down. Again, we all have at least ONE mini skirt that we like to flaunt every now and then (waxing, here i come), throw on a printed shirt (we all know how trendy prints are at the moment), and a must have is a nude bag that you can add to this look (well you can add nudes to just about any look – magic!).

Look #4

The reason I like this is 1) I love the tribal prints’ trend at the moment 2) It really can work for many body shapes and also different ages. I can see myself loving this and I can also see my Mom (also a big fashion freak) looking great in it as well. The pants, have been a must have for more than a season and continue being just as trendy, the nude bag is something we all have somewhere in our closet (take it out!), I personally was not too fond of the wedges in this look but would definitely put on color-block wedges or even plain ones for this outfit.

Below are the pieces used in all these looks, in case you want details of each look. Lets keep it fresh and funky this spring / summer. Dressing yourself new can really make or break your day sometimes.

Fashion Inspiration: Ladies with style …

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Pinboard: Spring / Summer Pastels

This season, the shades are simply delectable: sugared almond hues, ice cream flavors and boiled sweets. Yummy! Something pretty, subtle, and sweet: pastels. A paler take on the color-blocking trend, think light pink plus mint green plus daffodil!
From skirts and tops to dresses and jeans, click through the gallery below for some pastel ideas that will get you in the mood for one sweet spring…