Its all ON the shoulders!

This season it’s all about sweaters with shoulder bling. Wear them with boyfriend jeans or leather leggings and booties for a military look. Or, pair them with skirts and dress pants for an eighties power vibe. They are also great go-to items during this holiday season.













Upper class

Upper class

Which JEANS are you??

A pair of Jeans says a lot about a person. When it comes to me, I love bright ones and experimenting with all the color blocking options. Not to forget the printed Jeans, and the pastels, which are really rubbing off on me as well. However, I will always revert to my classic jeans when I want a classic clean look.
The beauty of the brights this season is that they can majorly pull a look together without having to add much else, seriously, just put on a neon or bright / pastel pair of jeans, add a simple (white is my favorite) tshirt, and there you have it! Don’t forget, if you want a funky yet more elegant / sophisticated look, you can always add a blazer to that same outfit you are wearing, and of course some nice pumps. Even adding the pumps without the blazer can shift a look from sporty/casual to a more chic/casual look. Every piece counts!
Fashion only needs us to have an eye for mixing and matching, and the ability to make the most out of what you already have. I mean, who can really afford shopping everyday and buying every single piece of clothing on their wish list? (Yes i know, some people can do that, oh well, many can’t!) You really need one nice pair of jeans and you can do wonders! Personally, I would stick with brights (not neons) for jeans, and keep the neons for accessories (its all about personal taste).
So if you were to buy a pair of jeans, which style would it be? Get your inspiration below and HAPPY SHOPPING!

Love My Leggings!

So yesterday was an “all leggings” day for me, can you blame me?

During the day, It was pretty cold so I wanted to be comfortable yet still sport my usual funky look. I usually like to choose one piece that is pretty out there and keep the rest simple and neat. My funky piece was the bright green leggings I recently bought from Mango. The jacket was beige and simple (knitted), camel boots, and my top was a coral Tommy Hilfiger. This is what I wore…

At night, I met up with a couple of friends and went pubbing, I went for Leggings as well, but this time, a little more sexy. What can say sexy more than Leather! Kept the top simple, and black was my color for the night! My boots were also partly leather but with simple details because I didn’t want to run the risk of looking like a leather store threw up on me! My coat was a little bling bling with fur yet simple in details and nude color. It added elegance without being over the top. This is what i wore…