Super Trendy | Wedge Sneakers

I have been seeing wedge sneakers on almost every girl who walks me by (myself included), and I had to start my first blog after a long break to write about this current must have!

So how did the once cool and comfortable pair of shoes become the IT thing in town? You can give thanks to the queen of casual cool, Isabel Marant, who re-invented a whole new meaning with her amped-up wedge sneakers, guaranteeing us women to experience the best of both worlds this season! They were sold out instantly after she showed them for spring, and luckily they’re back in stock. However, you can rest assured as almost every brand you might come across has designed a wedge sneaker to add-on to its winter collection. So if Isabel Marant is a little too steep, you are guaranteed a look-alike somewhere else!


ASH —  $225


Jeffrey Campbell — $206

ASOS — $74.57

NIKE — $130

See By Chloe — $375

Marc by Marc Jacobs — $320


Street Style | July Picks (Part 2)


Honestly I did not feel like I shared enough of the looks I have fallen in love with this month. I really feel like I owe it to myself and the fashionista’s out there to pass along every tiny bit of style and fashion tips and ideas I consider as too good to miss. So here is another bunch of my picks that I also think you will fall in love with. Some of these outfits are honestly perfected to the dot. Time to go shopping? Oh dear, I need to leave my Credit Card at home when I go out, its seriously the only control I can make. HELP!!!





















Street Style | July Picks

July is just about done with and summer will shortly come to an end. As for me, I’m still in summer fashion mode yet starting to take a look at some fall inspiration. Street style as usual gives me  the bits and bests of all styles and seasons, which is probably why I simply can’t get enough. Did I mention how addicted I have become to Pinterest! Take a look at some of the looks that made me ache a little inside, I’m quite sure theres a little for every fashion taste bud in here. Enjoy xx

This style is starting to grow on me already!


Loving the casual look with the hint of chic


After many trial and error attempts with florals, in my opinion, this is how you can easily rock it!


The color combo is absolutely lovely


Flattering colors, Elegant yet not overdone!


Rocker meets Chic, this look ticks all my boxes


Beautifully put together, every piece accentuates the other. I love it!


A soft look with neutral colors, Elegant yet still works for a casual day outfit


Maxi & Blazer style along with the color combo, what’s not to love??








F A S H I O N | Street Style

Lets give it up to the women that walk this earth with style. Dressing up is not always about looking your best, its about feeling your best. Make everyday count by walking out of your house feeling beautiful and glamorous. Life is too short to spend it telling yourself “I will dress up tomorrow.” To all the fashionistas out there that inspire us to be and look the best we can …

The Street Style Snapshot!

I always like to post Street style pics because as I always say, this is really where we can get true fashion tips and inspiration. You see women/ men like us buying clothes from stores near us, and you can really relate to the looks and say “hey I can get that!”. As much as we love looking at runways and models, and as beautiful as certain collections of the high-end brands can be, many of us (if not most) can’t simply keep us with such purchases on a long-term basis ( except that one day splurge that gives you a fashion rush for weeks, oh I love those days *sigh*).

Work. Play. Study

I have always been the type of person that needs a work / study space in my house. Yes back in Uni days I would always end up studying (and most of the time falling asleep) on my bed. However, a girl’s work space is necessary for more than just studying (when did shopping and buying stuff ever come down to bare necessities??). Its about being able to have a small spot where you can express your own individuality, creativity, and really be one with yourself.

When I sit on my desk, all I see around me are things I love, enjoy, and really get inspired by. Its all my makings and creations and I take pride in organizing and fixing things the way I desire! Whether its pictures, posters, post its, boxes, or just wall paper … its all about ME! As a result, when I take an as little as an hour in a place I can really call my own, it helps me wind down, focus, and really get out the best of me.

So there you have it, there is absolutely no harm in having a work/study space that can also allow you to play around a little making it a place you’d like to hang out in! Take a look at the pics and you will get the feeling that ‘you know what, I want that for me!”… Enjoy


Fashion Maturity

How many times would you be out somewhere, get your eye caught by someone wearing a gorgeous outfit, a beautiful bag, or the sexiest shoes, then keep them in mind and go shopping with the intention of getting something just like them! We all look at street styles for inspiration, and that is more than OK!

When you get to a certain fashion maturity, which I believe is that stage where you are perfectly in tune with your own style and how its speaks to you, you can easily point out the outfits that will look good on you and the ones that reflect who you are. I remember the good old days when I would literally walk into a fitting room with more than 25 pieces and come out with 1 or 2 to buy. Now, most of the times I have 2 pieces to try and I frequently end up buying both!

Fashion maturity cant also make you pick bits and pieces of fashion inspiration from just about anywhere. You will spot the looks you like, and you will go looking for the looks you know you need to have! Plus, many runways, as gorgeous as the models may look and the outfits may seem, are things that simply cannot be applied to our daily life! We all have those gorgeous party pieces that stay in the closet from season to season waiting to be worn! But lets face it, unless you’re the kind of person that has a “red carpet” event on a weekly basis, you’ll be looking for outfits and clothes that can be worn well with other pieces in the closet and on more than one type of occasion.

So the next time you fall in love with someone’s outfit, take in what you can, learn, and apply! This is how we grow …This is how your inner fashionista matures…

My Favorite Looks (1)

A little eye candy…

Beautiful Things In Life

“Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year, style is what you pick out of that fashion…It’s what you make of it once you’ve learned what to accept and what to ignore based on what looks good on you.”