Introducing The Rugged Pink!

Pink seems to be this season’s hottest color, but even though I would wear pink just about any day, some of us don’t like the “girly” feel pink gives a look. Well, not to worry, pink is a beautiful color and if you are more into the tough/rugged looks, here are a few tips on how to toughen it up. Feminine, well yes, but all of the looks below are more sensual and refined than giddy and girly. Since this spring offers new approaches to wearing pink without it shouting out cuteness, princesses, or fairies, now is the time to open up to the delicate hue, and reclaim it as a cool color.

















Vogue’s “Eternal Optimism” sets spring 2012 Trends

Your Spring 2012 style inspiration starts here…

Rose Tinted

Open Minded

On Notice

Pure Motives


Upward Mobility

Don’t Let Anyone EVER Dull Your Sparkle…

There are many people in life that like to spend their endless days and nights putting others down. Most of the times, and most of those people, are in conflict with their own inner selves and find it easier to throw their baggage at others.

In a fashion sense, many people can shower you with negative comments and unhelpful advice but deep down its the jealousy and lack of confidence that is  doing all the talking. We need balance … Here’s a few tips that can help…

 1. Know what matters to you most: It is important to know what your priorities are. Not what you think they are, not what you think they should be, not what you think others would like them to be for you.

2. Identify what you can do without: Go through your day, your home, your relationships, your job and your life. What’s sapping your energy? What are you doing that doesn’t need to be done?

3. Eliminate the toleration in your life: Tolerations are those things that we put up with, that we accept and take on, and that drag us down. Cross off items when you have worked them out of your life.

4. Define and eliminate your clutter: Begin to make space for what you want by getting rid of what you don’t.

5. Be Where You Are: Look down at your feet and ground yourself in the moment.

6. Please Yourself: If we try to make everyone else happy, we set ourselves up for failure. Find the things that please you and make you happy. It’s time to shift the focus from pleasing others to pleasing ourselves.

7. Go for the Joy: As the old saying goes “Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional”. If you put your focus on something that brings you joy, you’re liable to have and feel more joy in your life.

8. You can have it all: You CANNOT do it all. Having it all comes after you live your life based upon that notion. When you make a commitment to yourself to not do the things that aren’t in your best interest or aren’t worth your time and effort-you give yourself room to enjoy where you are and what you have. And you realize that you already have all you need.

9. Don’t let anyone ever Dull your sparkle!

Now its time for some Visual inspiration …

Feeling worn out? Get a manicure!

Whether you go to a spa, nail salon, or even have someone give you a manicure at home, it is a remedy for the blues (who said we need a reason to have the blues, we are women!)

When I saw the picture below, I called my nail salon and took an appointment because it is one of the only things I do that feels like “me time” and God knows we need that every once in a while. So pamper yourselves, cause we will not sit and wait for somebody else to do it for us.


The Beauty Charts!

From golden glows to healing face masks, its time to bring a little glamour back to your beauty bag!

Radiant nails are this season’s absolute essential. I love this YSL (Yves Saint Laurent) metallic polish collection. Its delicate shimmer makes it al the more eye-catching!

Earth day may not have been something you participated in, but you can still do your part for the planet while pampering yourself! Talk about 2 in 1 offer. Buy a delightful Rare Earth Cleansing Mask.

I love this product, and always like the bronzing effect it gives the face. Guerlain‘s New Sun in the City Collection for Spring/Summer 2012 is not an exception. Now you can have your own pot of gold! A simple sweep of this bronzer over cheeks with a large brush and you’ll have sun-kissed skin in an instant.

Finally there is concealer which has all the correcting pigments in it, now instead of using different shades of corrector  you can use 123 PERFECT concealer stick by BOURJOIS. This slick stick is the perfect solution to hiding those pesky blemishes.

Infusion di’Iris Splash is a truly intangible and unique fragrance that blends convention with modernity. It is a fresh and clean scent, a splash of opulence and novelty. A true beauty staple!

Got to have these sunglasses!

So I saw a picture on my friends blackberry display picture and my heart just stopped for a second. I have been looking around for nice sunglasses that can really capture my heart and so far, no luck. I had recently bought a Prada pair (but it was that situation where it looks good in the shop and something just clicks back when you are out with the purchase – I could not like them on me anywhere else!).

Well long story short, below is a picture of the Sunglasses I HAVE TO HAVE – I have no idea which season or brand and this is why I NEED YOUR HELP!!! My friend doesn’t know either – BUMMER!



Pregnant and Beautiful!

As a new mother of a beautiful baby boy, i felt the urge to blog about pregnancy and fashion. When i first got pregnant, I felt overwhelmed and happy (the damn test kept giving me negative forever!), but as the days went by I was put down by all those  rumors I kept hearing about having to wear the ugliest clothes and counting the days until you can get back into a “normal” looking figure. Well let me tell you, pregnancy was by far one of the most beautiful, most rewarding, and happiest 9 months of my life. Yes! Believe it or not, it has been 5 months and I still miss my preggo bump!

I did not settle with simply being “Pregnant” and made a pact with myself to feel beautiful and sexy no matter what was going on in that tummy! I went shopping and got myself the essential things I might need (never really fit into them, I barely gained any weight but thats another story). Nice pregnancy skinny jeans, a few tank tops, and some pregnancy funky tops. By my second trimester, i was feeling great (first trimester was nausea and crackers all day long so it kinda makes it tough to wear clothes if you are spending half your day in the toilet).

Long story short, if you are pregnant, thinking about it, or TTC then read on!

1st – I worked out 4 times a week (AT LEAST – but to do that either check with your gyno or have someone professional give you the exact moves, I’m quite athletic so it was easy for me to just keep going) Stick with walking and work it up to a brisk walk and include very light weights if you feel you are up for it.

2- PLZ eat healthy ( I know its craving time, but trust me you don’t want super extra weight that will torment you for months after), my gyno told me that babies love natural sugars so eat plenty of fruits, plenty of fiber from whole grains and veggies (that constipation can be a bi**), and drink water constantly. Of course you can have servings of sweets and all that yummy stuff but lets keep it in check!

3- DRESS UP your belly! Wear all the clothes you want, you like, and you feel beautiful in. We are pregnant and proud, no need to hide it or wear loose dull outfits. I wore tight shirts just to pop that belly up! I would get smiles from people around me and It made me feel even more bubbly and unique! Of course you are unique, you are PREGNANT!

Pregnancy gives you a glow, your hormones stop your hair from falling – boy did my hair get thicker – and gives you a reason to be constantly spoiled! So enjoy that and enjoy you! You will miss it so much when you deliver – TRUST ME!!

Take a look and get inspired….