“If you are to buy a piece, buy a dress, at least you’re dressed” – Marc Jacobs

On that note, given to us by one of my favorite designers, I decided to dig into the internet looking for those dresses that can make your mouth feel all watery, and make your heart eat itself out! No matter what we buy every season and how funky we try to be with the panks, skirts, overalls etc… The truth remains that nothing can make us feel and look as feminine and beautiful as a dress can.
Its true, there are numerous styles and shapes for dresses, some of us like the long maxi dresses and others will not wear one unless forced to by a wedding card that says “Dress code: MAXI”. Regardless, a dress is all woman, and boy don’t we all love feel all woman. So heres a tribute to the one piece that will always remain in our closet, the one piece that will always have our backs, and the one piece we will always run to when we have some serious impressing to do. As a matter of fact, forget impressing anyone, a dress can make you feel good for you, and thats what this blog is all about anyways!
Enjoy the pics, and for some of you , HAPPY SHOPPING!

“The Hunger Games” Screams Fashion (Part II)

Jennifer Lawrence joined her co-star Elizabeth Banks on the red carpet for ‘The Hunger Games’ premiere tour. Like I said in my previous blog, It was hard choosing a best dressed for the premieres as each star had her share of glamorous moments. When it comes to Jennifer, here is the skinny…


Jennifer Lawrence in Marchesa

The actress wore a Marchesa Fall 2012 dress, and I must add, looked quite glamorous in it. I like the dress better on the model though I just cant seem to point out what Jennifer is missing. Maybe the return of a yet again familiar hairstyle? Or the Pumps? She paired with a gold Ferragamo box clutch and Giuseppe Zanotti vibrant red peep-toes.

I’m far from being blown away, although I would not say that I dislike it.

Jennifer Lawrence stunned on the red carpet at ‘The Hunger Games’ LA premiere. The blonde beauty dazzled the crowd in a Prabal Gurung Fall 2012 gown. The gold gown with its cut-out details, its open back shoulder black tulle was indeed a stunner.

Jennifer chose black Jimmy Choo ‘Bunting’ sandals to go with her gown. But I do have to say, she has kept a memo of Angelina’s mistake and did not attempt any sudden moves to demonstrate her gown split.

Jen’s hairdo was a loose yet chic bun and tendrils to frame her face, I also loved her kohl sultry eyes and pink lips. I absolutely loved how she looked at this premiere!


Jennifer sported the golden girl look once again at the London premiere of  “The Hunger Games”. Her halter gown was hand beaded to create the perfect crocodile-skin pattern.

With a black-velvet waistband nipping her in at the waist, I liked that she chose to style her hair into a simple low ponytail.

I do have to say though, she still quite sends the same vibe as LA premiere which makes me question if it is a safe attempt for a fashion home-run or déjà vu?

Jennifer Lawrence in Tom Ford: The Hunger Games Paris Premiere


Jennifer finally decided to put down her gold for a sleek black Tom Ford fitted dress with a zipper detail outlining her open-back and reaching to her hip.

But I guess she is a huge fan of gold as she decided to add Tom Ford gold platform heels to her look.

I did like the touch of Red sexy lipstick.

I do prefer this over the all golden look on her! Its bold, risky, but surely a step in the right direction.

Well after talking about both stars, I think I will say I enjoyed Elizabeth Banks’ fashion decisions more. Her dresses showed variety, color, personality and some risk! Even if you are touring over the same movie, you need to shake things up a little. I do believe a person needs to choose what looks good on them but lets be serious, Jennifer Lawrence could have pulled off anything with that body and her looks!


“The Hunger Games” Screams Fashion

March 23 will mark worldwide release for the film adaptation of Suzanne Collin’s young adult novelThe Hunger Games.” However, for us fashionably driven girls, we have had our eyes on all the bits and pieces happening anywhere close to the red carpets. I must say, weather I talk of Elizabeth Banks or Jennifer Lawrence, I simply cant make up my mind as to which wore it best at the ‘The Hunger Games’ promo tour. But wait, bear with me, I can explain why!

Starting with Elizabeth Banks.

The actress wore a citrus hue opting for tangy lemon Bill Blass Spring 2012 dress. Her look here can definitely brighten up any occasion.

She matched her lovely dress with matching Judith Leiber ‘East/West’ crocodile clutch and Irene Neuwirth pearl-drop earrings.

I personally love her choice of wavy locks and simple pink shaded makeup. On this occasion I’d prefer Elizabeth’s dress over just about anybody!

I love sequins! I love floral embellishments and I with no doubt love Marc Jacobs, but I just could not love this outfit. To be fair though,the Marc Jacobs Fall 2012 collection is quite tough to wear on the red carpet, and Banks’ did choose probably the most red carpet ready piece.

She also did quite well by not letting her hair down (this dress has enough going on already!) I still feel she looks a little dull.

Elizabeth looked stunning as she wore a fully embellished Elie Saab Spring 2012 orange gown to the Berlin premiere. Embracing color as she did at the London Premiere, adding more perfection with lovely glossy waves and makeup.

I know many prefer Jennifer, but with this dress, I would pick Elizabeth any day…

OH MY VERSACE! How could we not fall in love with this look! The Color, the design, the details … she is glowing. Elizabeth, with no doubt again, looked spectacular with this Atelier Versace bright orange structured one-shoulder mini dress (don’t forget to examine all the cut-out detail and gold accents – WOW)

The Jimmy Choo wedges are a good pick as they don’t attempt to upstage the dress. The Gold jewels were a nice completion to the look. I like her half up and straight hairstyle, but i think for added sexy appeal she might have wanted to go with a pony tail.

Elizabeth Banks

There you have it, Elizabeth Banks and her Hunger Games Premiere looks. In my next blog i will discuss Jennifer Lawrence and then maybe along the way I could actually make a decision regarding who I believe was the Best Dressed. You can help!

Fashion Scoop: Blugirl Spring 2012 Collection

Its not very often that I stop and look at a collection over and over only to jot down which outfits I will actually BUY! Blugirl‘s spring 2012 brings us amazing designs and colors to our spring fashion trends this year. Colorful, vibrant, girlie and cute floral designs. The color palette is a MEADOW (I always think of Joey from F.R.I.E.N.D.S when I say this word!)

The Floral dresses are so fresh, with bright funky color mixes nipped at the waist with a simple curve hugging belt, not to forget the contrasting yet oh so beautiful cardigans. The loose chiffon dresses with their bold prints – sexy yet comfortable – paired with either a hat or an “I gotta have it” bag or clutch.The short “prom like” dresses with spring/summery colors such as  bright yellow were eye-catching, and the nude “mermaid skin” sequins dresses and ruffle skirts spoke of sexy and glamor! Maxi chiffon dresses also made an appearance beautifully designed with floral prints. I personally loved the pink, green, yellow combinations – Happy colors as I call them!

Accessories, in many runways, are not always something we focus much on, but with blugirl’s collection, it is NOT the case. The bangles, bracelets, shoes, hats (I am sure there is something i forgot here) are all perfectly designed to add yet a touch of bling and funkiness to the springy collection.

I will talk no more, a picture can say a thousand words, but i really need to add that I honestly think this is one of my fave collections so far this year. GO Blugirl!

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