Which JEANS are you??

A pair of Jeans says a lot about a person. When it comes to me, I love bright ones and experimenting with all the color blocking options. Not to forget the printed Jeans, and the pastels, which are really rubbing off on me as well. However, I will always revert to my classic jeans when I want a classic clean look.
The beauty of the brights this season is that they can majorly pull a look together without having to add much else, seriously, just put on a neon or bright / pastel pair of jeans, add a simple (white is my favorite) tshirt, and there you have it! Don’t forget, if you want a funky yet more elegant / sophisticated look, you can always add a blazer to that same outfit you are wearing, and of course some nice pumps. Even adding the pumps without the blazer can shift a look from sporty/casual to a more chic/casual look. Every piece counts!
Fashion only needs us to have an eye for mixing and matching, and the ability to make the most out of what you already have. I mean, who can really afford shopping everyday and buying every single piece of clothing on their wish list? (Yes i know, some people can do that, oh well, many can’t!) You really need one nice pair of jeans and you can do wonders! Personally, I would stick with brights (not neons) for jeans, and keep the neons for accessories (its all about personal taste).
So if you were to buy a pair of jeans, which style would it be? Get your inspiration below and HAPPY SHOPPING!

DVF Spills: Top 3 Picks for Spring / Summer 2012

Diane von Furstenberg spring fashion picksDiane von Furstenberg, in an interview with ABC News, discussed her essentials this spring season listing her top three picks for spring. A fan of this big name in the fashion industry. Because business remains business, I´m not surprised to see that the list  shadows the essential features of her DVF Spring 2012 RTW.

So what does DVF wants us all to have in our closets this spring?

1. A white Dress

Diane von Furstenberg Spring 2012 catwalk opened with a gorgeous white wrap dress, and logically we would understand that now. A white dress is the number one on the list, and we couldn’t agree more! It´s dainty and clean, soft under the sun, and quite easy to dress up and down. It´s like styling a clean sheet, you start from scratch and can have fun with the colors and accessories.

white wrap dress

2. Utilitarian Florals

I think we all know by now that  bold floral prints are a primary trend for spring and summer 2012. But according to Diane, its not just any floral dress that does the trick. DVF describes the right florals to be blooming with an overall utilitarian shape. In simpler terms, go for floral prints that are trendy and creatively designed, but remain functional rather than exaggerated.

So there you have it ladies, when shopping for that floral summer dresses , remember what DVF said to look for in a printed dress.

Floral Print Silk Chiffon Dress

3. Unusual Pastels

Power pastel trend is a must for just about all the designers this seasons, and DVF is not an exception. Rest assured, you can most definitely go out in your statement pastel combo!

Diane von Furstenberg, however,  doesn´t go for a typical pastel matching and colorblocking, she aims at unusual pastel combinations. For example, go for pastel orange trousers, a neon green shirt, pulled together with a pastel gray jacket and, well, a slim contrast belt. Or opt for a layered dress with surprising pastel design. Now this woman knows what she is talking about!


So there we have our top 3 picks for DVF, shall we head off to the mall and start stashing some florals and pastels, after all, we do have DVF’s blessing!