Summer has hit us with a bang and I thought now is the time I start posting summer looks that I simply LOVE!!! So here is my first batch…










Denim-Mania | 3 “IN” Trends

As mentioned in my previous blog, Denims have now taken a fashion curve/statement of their own. To add on to my Denim Prints’ blog, I have decided to list the top 3 denim trends that I feel are super eye catchers and a must have this season.

These are all styles that have been really popular among the celebs and denim lovers in general, so you should be able to associate very well with them.



When ombre is done just right, it looks amazing. Ombre jeans are hot this season and goes well with most tops!Not only are ombre jeans original and eye catching, but they’re also highly flattering. Dark tones of denim at the thighs fading into lighter washes at the ankles elongate legs and slims hips. Vibrant ombre jeans in shades of pink, yellow, or baby blue are also fun alternatives to traditional denim.


Say goodbye to your classic blues and have some fun with polka dot print styles! This print has to be the cutest and most fun for me. Not only do I feel super girly wearing it, it gives a subtle uplift to any look you pull off. Plus with polka dots trending right now, one can only think what better than to wear dots on dots. Give it a try!


Wax coated jeans are a hot fashion trend, gaining popularity thanks to street style bloggers. Girls, across all ages, have been pretty interested in wearing waxed jeans, especially in colous like burgundy, purple, chocolate brown and black, and here’s why:  They are a nice change to ordinary denim, provide interesting textural interest, and also a great substitute for leather pants at a fraction of the price. These jeans look dressier than ordinary denim, and the vibe is edgy, tough, rock ‘n’ roll and modern.


Street Style | July Picks (Part 2)


Honestly I did not feel like I shared enough of the looks I have fallen in love with this month. I really feel like I owe it to myself and the fashionista’s out there to pass along every tiny bit of style and fashion tips and ideas I consider as too good to miss. So here is another bunch of my picks that I also think you will fall in love with. Some of these outfits are honestly perfected to the dot. Time to go shopping? Oh dear, I need to leave my Credit Card at home when I go out, its seriously the only control I can make. HELP!!!





















Street Style | July Picks

July is just about done with and summer will shortly come to an end. As for me, I’m still in summer fashion mode yet starting to take a look at some fall inspiration. Street style as usual gives me  the bits and bests of all styles and seasons, which is probably why I simply can’t get enough. Did I mention how addicted I have become to Pinterest! Take a look at some of the looks that made me ache a little inside, I’m quite sure theres a little for every fashion taste bud in here. Enjoy xx

This style is starting to grow on me already!


Loving the casual look with the hint of chic


After many trial and error attempts with florals, in my opinion, this is how you can easily rock it!


The color combo is absolutely lovely


Flattering colors, Elegant yet not overdone!


Rocker meets Chic, this look ticks all my boxes


Beautifully put together, every piece accentuates the other. I love it!


A soft look with neutral colors, Elegant yet still works for a casual day outfit


Maxi & Blazer style along with the color combo, what’s not to love??








Carrie Bradshaw, We Miss You…

We all love Sex and the City. We all, at one point in our lives, have fallen in love with not only Carrie Bradshaw, but also her impeccable taste in fashion.  She definitely was anything but perfect but her style makes us forget the rest. I’m still waiting for another show that brings fashion & love together the way that SATC did. Until then, here are some of my favorite Carrie looks…














Here we are again, giving some more thanks to all those fashionables out there who give us tips, inspo, and ideas for outfits we want to try but never seem to get to it! Take a look at these gorgeous outfits which inspired me to dig deeper into my wardrobe…

Love the Polka Mixing


Perfectly Matched Accessories (Divine Clutch, Sexy Heels), The Ombre Hair looks great!


A Pop of Prints to Liven up any outfit!


A Pop of COLOR To Add Some Edge/Youth Into a Chic Outfit


Oh My What a Skirt, What a Color …


Lovely Colors … Love the Cut in The Maxi Skirt … Love the Shirt Print


Now thats how you make a fashion statement … Obsessed With this Look


The Funky/Comfy Casual …. Love How she Toned The Prints Down with That Tee


Dressed For A Perfect Figure, Loving the Peplum Effect … Checkered Heels (NICE!) … Along with that Elegant Hairdo … super chic



S C O O P | Looks We’d Love To Keep

Fashion is all about the trends, and with each new season we wait impatiently to see what looks will keep trending and others that will soon be outdated. However, there are some looks that remain classics across the years while others look so good we’d wish they could stick around for many seasons to come. Here are a few of the looks I feel deserve a 2nd and even 3rd round in the world of style.

The Shorts & Blazer Combo

The Peplum Suit

The Tomboy Chic Look

The MAXI Skirt

The “Mens Wear” Inspired Look

The LACE Skirt

The Accessory “Stacking”