Denim-Mania | 3 “IN” Trends

As mentioned in my previous blog, Denims have now taken a fashion curve/statement of their own. To add on to my Denim Prints’ blog, I have decided to list the top 3 denim trends that I feel are super eye catchers and a must have this season.

These are all styles that have been really popular among the celebs and denim lovers in general, so you should be able to associate very well with them.



When ombre is done just right, it looks amazing. Ombre jeans are hot this season and goes well with most tops!Not only are ombre jeans original and eye catching, but they’re also highly flattering. Dark tones of denim at the thighs fading into lighter washes at the ankles elongate legs and slims hips. Vibrant ombre jeans in shades of pink, yellow, or baby blue are also fun alternatives to traditional denim.


Say goodbye to your classic blues and have some fun with polka dot print styles! This print has to be the cutest and most fun for me. Not only do I feel super girly wearing it, it gives a subtle uplift to any look you pull off. Plus with polka dots trending right now, one can only think what better than to wear dots on dots. Give it a try!


Wax coated jeans are a hot fashion trend, gaining popularity thanks to street style bloggers. Girls, across all ages, have been pretty interested in wearing waxed jeans, especially in colous like burgundy, purple, chocolate brown and black, and here’s why:  They are a nice change to ordinary denim, provide interesting textural interest, and also a great substitute for leather pants at a fraction of the price. These jeans look dressier than ordinary denim, and the vibe is edgy, tough, rock ‘n’ roll and modern.


Which Printed Jeans Are You?

Printed jeans were a huge trend in 2012 and in 2013 they are still in. Denim has now gone a step further with the addition of prints. From stripes and brocades to plaid and florals, printed jeans are the new statement piece.

Try fun animal prints or a more subtle print like plaid. You can mix prints with another printed top, for a head-to-toe textured look. Or if you are not into the bold looks, opt for a more neutral top to tone down the look. Printed jeans are a statement on their own, so accessories are not really a must!

Printed jeans are definitely a hot trend for fall, and won’t look super-busy, as long as you go for a top with similar colors or tones to the print on your jeans.

I personally love this trend and can’t seem to get enough of it!!!

Will you be or already are participating in this trend?





spring-printed-jeans rachel-bilson-current-elliott




The Camo Gear!

There’s no doubt that the military trend has legs — it has steadily survived from season to season with nothing more than simple tweaks along the way.

  • For an edgier look, pair your camouflage jeans with a worn-in rocker tee and leather jacket. Add biker boots or studded jeans.
  • Camo can also look cool and girlie quite easily. Just throw a printed utility jacket over your fave white dress then throw on pretty heels and accessories.
  • The military trend can also be something to experiment with at the office; try tucking a crisp button-down blouse into a camouflage skirt or layering a camo dress under a fitted blazer. Cinch the look at your natural waist with a leather belt for a sleek silhouette.









September | Inspired Looks

I Cant believe september is actually here! Time to start looking into Fall outfits and I must say as much as I’m Looking forward to that, I don’t feel like I have had enough summer, colors, and mini skirts!! Well to get myself started with the whole transition mode, here are a few looks that I feel would be something I can get excited about.

Vintage beaded top and Leopard print





Burberry – Printed Fur Coat

Track Pants on Leather!




PINK On Blue Stripes


The Colored Pants










For The Love of DENIM


Lately I have totally been getting obsessed with everything that’s denim. For some reason, it suddenly clicks in my head and totally goes with all my wardrobe. The thing about denim is, it can be so casual to the point where you can wear denim on denim, yet in some cases, can be a beautiful addition to a chic look that gives you a fresh twist to a rather normal / dull outfit.

Forget the fact that you can basically pair this style with just about anything, it seriously does look good with every single color (TRY IT ). To make matters less literal and more visual, take a look at some of my favorite denim incorporated looks!

Lets see if you agree with me by the time you finish going through these pics!


Looks amazing when mixed!!

Tone down or funky up your dress!


Now that’s CHIC

Add some Color

With A Skirt Some Denim

With Brights … A Match Made in Heaven!

Making a dress even cuter


Get The Look | Xiao Wen


Get the look of China’s top model Xiao Wen. Go for an oversized printed bomber jacket and pair it with torn denim shorts and slouchy boots.

Soft bomber jacket in a colored paisley print from Topshop // Classic minimalist linen-blend tee from Line // Grey denim shorts with frayed hems from H&M // Studded foldover flap bag from Zara // Oxblood burnished leather boots with cut out detail from Topshop

Trend Scoop | The Denim Vest




I love the combination of feminine dresses mixed with edgy toppers.  Jessica Alba pulls this off perfectly!  Her fun and flirty maxi dress is greatly paired with a light wash denim vest. This look also works with your favorite maxi skirt, tank, and even with a denim on denim look if you’re feeling bold.

If a longer vests make you feel too “boxy” try a cropped version for a more flattering look! The shorter vest helps to accentuate your figure by showing off your curves.And one of our favorite things about the denim vest…it’s virtually season-less! When temperatures start to drop, it can easily be layered over long sleeve shirts, lightweight sweaters, and colored bottoms….the perfect transition piece into Fall.

Whether cropped or long, light or acid wash, Summer or Fall, this vest is sure to spice up any outfit at a great price.


  • Look for a fitted and cropped shape. The most flattering vests I’ve seen hit a few inches below your natural waist. A too-short vest looks childish and too long and baggy is an untrendy 90′s flashback.
  • Medium and light washes are best. A dark wash vest can work, but they are much harder to style.
  • A denim vest is the perfect match for your favorite patterned piece. A nice, faded denim breaks up the print and prevents your look from getting too “busy” looking. Patterns work well with denim, whether they’re florals, or stripes










Which JEANS are you??

A pair of Jeans says a lot about a person. When it comes to me, I love bright ones and experimenting with all the color blocking options. Not to forget the printed Jeans, and the pastels, which are really rubbing off on me as well. However, I will always revert to my classic jeans when I want a classic clean look.
The beauty of the brights this season is that they can majorly pull a look together without having to add much else, seriously, just put on a neon or bright / pastel pair of jeans, add a simple (white is my favorite) tshirt, and there you have it! Don’t forget, if you want a funky yet more elegant / sophisticated look, you can always add a blazer to that same outfit you are wearing, and of course some nice pumps. Even adding the pumps without the blazer can shift a look from sporty/casual to a more chic/casual look. Every piece counts!
Fashion only needs us to have an eye for mixing and matching, and the ability to make the most out of what you already have. I mean, who can really afford shopping everyday and buying every single piece of clothing on their wish list? (Yes i know, some people can do that, oh well, many can’t!) You really need one nice pair of jeans and you can do wonders! Personally, I would stick with brights (not neons) for jeans, and keep the neons for accessories (its all about personal taste).
So if you were to buy a pair of jeans, which style would it be? Get your inspiration below and HAPPY SHOPPING!

Pink Blazers: 30+ Looks to help you rock it

Blazers have definitely been an ultimate essential the past few seasons. Whatever it is you decide to put on, be certain that a timeless blazer will instantly pull your look together. What I love about blazers is their Versatility! Whether you want to tougher up a girlish floral dress, or make a masculine outfit look even more androgynous, rest assured that a blazer will do the trick. Even though blazers are known to generally give outfits a more boyish feel, there is definitely a way to beat that equation; WEAR A PINK BLAZER!

I will not really list the ways to rock this style because they are truly endless and very style oriented. However, whether you choose to pair it with a generous fitting pair of trousers for a sweet kick, or  with a leather skirt in a fun color (like purple), the look will stand out!

Feel free to mix and match colors you never felt brave enough to try before. Purple and pink have never made more sense and I’m so loving pink with green and different shades of red. It’s the perfect mix for masculine and feminine styles, and I can personally guarantee that you’ll turn heads wearing one. No matter what your taste is, I’m 100% sure you will find a style you like from the looks I chose below.Happy Shopping!







Denim Jackets: A closet must have

I don’t know about you, but lately I have been seeing denim jacks just about everywhere I go and to tell you the truth, I think I will take the plunge and buy myself a new one!

A denim fitted jacket couldn’t be more classic or useful as it’s both layerable and light weight. Whats worthy to mention as well is the fact that it can be worn in different styles either giving you a worn-in western look or fashion forward-edgy appeal. After all, must have pieces are made to create new possibilities for certain items sitting in your closet.

Just to give you a small tip that I learned after several failed purchases I made; the main thing to look for when trying on denim jackets is fit. You really don’t want to end up with one that will look too boxy on your body. The lines of the jacket that run along your ribs down to your waist should cut in a bit, but you also don’t want to overdo that so that it doesn’t look like second skin! Take a look at some of the ones I found appealing.

Happy Shopping!