Denim-Mania | 3 “IN” Trends

As mentioned in my previous blog, Denims have now taken a fashion curve/statement of their own. To add on to my Denim Prints’ blog, I have decided to list the top 3 denim trends that I feel are super eye catchers and a must have this season.

These are all styles that have been really popular among the celebs and denim lovers in general, so you should be able to associate very well with them.



When ombre is done just right, it looks amazing. Ombre jeans are hot this season and goes well with most tops!Not only are ombre jeans original and eye catching, but they’re also highly flattering. Dark tones of denim at the thighs fading into lighter washes at the ankles elongate legs and slims hips. Vibrant ombre jeans in shades of pink, yellow, or baby blue are also fun alternatives to traditional denim.


Say goodbye to your classic blues and have some fun with polka dot print styles! This print has to be the cutest and most fun for me. Not only do I feel super girly wearing it, it gives a subtle uplift to any look you pull off. Plus with polka dots trending right now, one can only think what better than to wear dots on dots. Give it a try!


Wax coated jeans are a hot fashion trend, gaining popularity thanks to street style bloggers. Girls, across all ages, have been pretty interested in wearing waxed jeans, especially in colous like burgundy, purple, chocolate brown and black, and here’s why:  They are a nice change to ordinary denim, provide interesting textural interest, and also a great substitute for leather pants at a fraction of the price. These jeans look dressier than ordinary denim, and the vibe is edgy, tough, rock ‘n’ roll and modern.


Trending Now | The Oxblood Pants

This fall everyone knows wine, berry, burgundy, or oxblood are the IT colors everyone is snatching up! They are not usually the first colors I go for, but I do agree that they make a great fall tone and lately I am loving it! I’ve been seeing people wearing it on the streets for quite some time now and I can’t believe I waited for so long to grab a pair of my own.While the name alone conjures up gory images, oxblood is not a Halloween thing — it’s the hottest color trend of the season. I’m no perfect fashionista or a major trend setter but I know a good trend when I see one. And in this case, my current obsession would have to be oxblood pants. Why pants, you ask? Well simply because they’re a staple piece! You can dress them up, or down, however you want them.



Here we are again, giving some more thanks to all those fashionables out there who give us tips, inspo, and ideas for outfits we want to try but never seem to get to it! Take a look at these gorgeous outfits which inspired me to dig deeper into my wardrobe…

Love the Polka Mixing


Perfectly Matched Accessories (Divine Clutch, Sexy Heels), The Ombre Hair looks great!


A Pop of Prints to Liven up any outfit!


A Pop of COLOR To Add Some Edge/Youth Into a Chic Outfit


Oh My What a Skirt, What a Color …


Lovely Colors … Love the Cut in The Maxi Skirt … Love the Shirt Print


Now thats how you make a fashion statement … Obsessed With this Look


The Funky/Comfy Casual …. Love How she Toned The Prints Down with That Tee


Dressed For A Perfect Figure, Loving the Peplum Effect … Checkered Heels (NICE!) … Along with that Elegant Hairdo … super chic



Trend Alert : The Yellow Dress

This summer, you will definitely need to reach the shelves for a super-bright, eye-catching yellow shade to brighten up wardrobes. Since Yellow is quite a strong color (not all of us are up for such a bold shade!) soften the look with belts, cotton jackets and plisse pleats (Burberry style), or clash with contrast geometric panel inserts (Ruffian style), both gave a surprisingly elegant touch to a not so elegant color!

If you finally do decide to go for this shade, try to minimize accessories and any add-on picks as this color really speaks all languages and requires minimal extras from our side.

Yes, this is not a look for someone who likes to keep it safe, but it is summer and lets take a risk or two!


Introducing The Rugged Pink!

Pink seems to be this season’s hottest color, but even though I would wear pink just about any day, some of us don’t like the “girly” feel pink gives a look. Well, not to worry, pink is a beautiful color and if you are more into the tough/rugged looks, here are a few tips on how to toughen it up. Feminine, well yes, but all of the looks below are more sensual and refined than giddy and girly. Since this spring offers new approaches to wearing pink without it shouting out cuteness, princesses, or fairies, now is the time to open up to the delicate hue, and reclaim it as a cool color.

















Think Pastels



1- They are just sweet looking , candy colors!

2 – You can mix with pastels using a different color for every piece (like the picture below) and still not feel overdone. (With brights and neons, mixing colors can create a very dramatic look and sometimes ends up looking all over the place rather than making a fashion statement).

3- They work for a day out, a business attire, and a sexy pastel dress can do wonders on a night out.




Why did she perfect the pastel trend?

1- The Mint / Pink mix is actually one of the trendiest and most popular with pastels at the moment. (Mint is so in! And we all love pink)

2- I Love the clutch choice. The color is a little more intense yet still can’t be classified as a bright nor a neon. And it gives a casual / chic feel.

3- The striped shirt tones down the look a little, and still highlights the pastel colors a little more.

4- The accessories only add chicness and a dash of  funk to the outfit (Love the Necklace).