Spring 2013 Trends | Neon Clothing

Neon is for the bold and the brave—or those who just want to add a little life to their wardrobe. There is no need to worry about looking too flashy: Neon has come a long way since the days of eye-searing paint splatters.


Neon was one of the top trends presented at the London Fashion Week (S/S 2013

Here’s how you can add some glow to your closet.


You wouldn’t think that beige and neon would work, but somehow this light tan tank with its pop of neon yellow embroidery is does. It’s a grownup take on the neon trend.


If you’re still feeling a little shy on the fluorescent, try a neon leather bracelet. The gold plate hardware takes it from trendy to classic, while still adding a bold note to any outfit. Image

Your possessions deserve a little neon love, too. Throw this bright yellow satchel over your shoulder and glow like a beacon.


It takes guts to pull on skinny jeans in neon coral, but we think you’ve got what it takes. Top them with more neon or bring them down a notch with neutral colors

For more inspiration, here are how some of our fave designers did it!


OSMAN Spring 2013


Oscar de la Renta S/S 2013


Michael Kors S/S 13


Simone Rocha S/S 2013 Runway


Louis Vuitton Spring 2013



S P O T T E D | Get Your July Must Haves


The Mix N Match ARM CANDY

The Cropped Top & The Denim Shorts


The NEON Shoes


The LACE Dress / The NEON Dress


The BOW Accessories


JULY is here and this is always the chance to refill a summer closet with a few picks that you would like to sport before the end of the season. Take a look at what I think are the most trending must haves that you need to wear at least once! GET SHOPPING!


F A S H I O N | Street Style

Lets give it up to the women that walk this earth with style. Dressing up is not always about looking your best, its about feeling your best. Make everyday count by walking out of your house feeling beautiful and glamorous. Life is too short to spend it telling yourself “I will dress up tomorrow.” To all the fashionistas out there that inspire us to be and look the best we can …

The Street Style Snapshot!

I always like to post Street style pics because as I always say, this is really where we can get true fashion tips and inspiration. You see women/ men like us buying clothes from stores near us, and you can really relate to the looks and say “hey I can get that!”. As much as we love looking at runways and models, and as beautiful as certain collections of the high-end brands can be, many of us (if not most) can’t simply keep us with such purchases on a long-term basis ( except that one day splurge that gives you a fashion rush for weeks, oh I love those days *sigh*).

Fashion Maturity

How many times would you be out somewhere, get your eye caught by someone wearing a gorgeous outfit, a beautiful bag, or the sexiest shoes, then keep them in mind and go shopping with the intention of getting something just like them! We all look at street styles for inspiration, and that is more than OK!

When you get to a certain fashion maturity, which I believe is that stage where you are perfectly in tune with your own style and how its speaks to you, you can easily point out the outfits that will look good on you and the ones that reflect who you are. I remember the good old days when I would literally walk into a fitting room with more than 25 pieces and come out with 1 or 2 to buy. Now, most of the times I have 2 pieces to try and I frequently end up buying both!

Fashion maturity cant also make you pick bits and pieces of fashion inspiration from just about anywhere. You will spot the looks you like, and you will go looking for the looks you know you need to have! Plus, many runways, as gorgeous as the models may look and the outfits may seem, are things that simply cannot be applied to our daily life! We all have those gorgeous party pieces that stay in the closet from season to season waiting to be worn! But lets face it, unless you’re the kind of person that has a “red carpet” event on a weekly basis, you’ll be looking for outfits and clothes that can be worn well with other pieces in the closet and on more than one type of occasion.

So the next time you fall in love with someone’s outfit, take in what you can, learn, and apply! This is how we grow …This is how your inner fashionista matures…

Pink Blazers: 30+ Looks to help you rock it

Blazers have definitely been an ultimate essential the past few seasons. Whatever it is you decide to put on, be certain that a timeless blazer will instantly pull your look together. What I love about blazers is their Versatility! Whether you want to tougher up a girlish floral dress, or make a masculine outfit look even more androgynous, rest assured that a blazer will do the trick. Even though blazers are known to generally give outfits a more boyish feel, there is definitely a way to beat that equation; WEAR A PINK BLAZER!

I will not really list the ways to rock this style because they are truly endless and very style oriented. However, whether you choose to pair it with a generous fitting pair of trousers for a sweet kick, or  with a leather skirt in a fun color (like purple), the look will stand out!

Feel free to mix and match colors you never felt brave enough to try before. Purple and pink have never made more sense and I’m so loving pink with green and different shades of red. It’s the perfect mix for masculine and feminine styles, and I can personally guarantee that you’ll turn heads wearing one. No matter what your taste is, I’m 100% sure you will find a style you like from the looks I chose below.Happy Shopping!







Got to have these sunglasses!

So I saw a picture on my friends blackberry display picture and my heart just stopped for a second. I have been looking around for nice sunglasses that can really capture my heart and so far, no luck. I had recently bought a Prada pair (but it was that situation where it looks good in the shop and something just clicks back when you are out with the purchase – I could not like them on me anywhere else!).

Well long story short, below is a picture of the Sunglasses I HAVE TO HAVE – I have no idea which season or brand and this is why I NEED YOUR HELP!!! My friend doesn’t know either – BUMMER!