Downtown moment

Downtown moment



“If you are to buy a piece, buy a dress, at least you’re dressed” – Marc Jacobs

On that note, given to us by one of my favorite designers, I decided to dig into the internet looking for those dresses that can make your mouth feel all watery, and make your heart eat itself out! No matter what we buy every season and how funky we try to be with the panks, skirts, overalls etc… The truth remains that nothing can make us feel and look as feminine and beautiful as a dress can.
Its true, there are numerous styles and shapes for dresses, some of us like the long maxi dresses and others will not wear one unless forced to by a wedding card that says “Dress code: MAXI”. Regardless, a dress is all woman, and boy don’t we all love feel all woman. So heres a tribute to the one piece that will always remain in our closet, the one piece that will always have our backs, and the one piece we will always run to when we have some serious impressing to do. As a matter of fact, forget impressing anyone, a dress can make you feel good for you, and thats what this blog is all about anyways!
Enjoy the pics, and for some of you , HAPPY SHOPPING!

Spring Must Have: ARM CANDY

To finish your outfit, nice accessories should not be missed. This spring/summer we see them in all shapes and sizes. Many times, when I really don’t feel like getting too dressed up, I add a little color or funk to my accessories and it seriously pulls the look together!

Take a look at the audiences of fashion shows and you can clearly see it. The more accessories, the trendier! Bags, necklaces, hair accessories, belts but mainly bracelets. In large numbers,in different colors, and preferably different sizes and textures.Spring/Summer Bracelets looks are looking absolutely gorgeous. From neons, to stacking and tribal touches – “less is more” is not the rule when it comes to accessorizing this season.

For a trendy look, there’s really no need to dig deep into your pockets (but if you can, then please do!) . Its as easy as tying a simple colored ribbon, colored string or a leather strap, combined with a bangle or two (preferably different colors) and there you have it! Gold jewelry scores well this summer as well, but make sure to add it with color, more color , and another color! Take a look at some of my favorite arm candy designs I chose to share with you.

Happy Shopping!

GLAM: Best Print Shoes Under $100

Expect bright, patterned shoes to make a pretty splash for spring 2012–think flora, kitschy, and boho prints in bold hues and cheery patterns. From flats to wedges and platforms.

Best print shoes under $100. Shopping details below.