Street Style | July Picks

July is just about done with and summer will shortly come to an end. As for me, I’m still in summer fashion mode yet starting to take a look at some fall inspiration. Street style as usual gives me  the bits and bests of all styles and seasons, which is probably why I simply can’t get enough. Did I mention how addicted I have become to Pinterest! Take a look at some of the looks that made me ache a little inside, I’m quite sure theres a little for every fashion taste bud in here. Enjoy xx

This style is starting to grow on me already!


Loving the casual look with the hint of chic


After many trial and error attempts with florals, in my opinion, this is how you can easily rock it!


The color combo is absolutely lovely


Flattering colors, Elegant yet not overdone!


Rocker meets Chic, this look ticks all my boxes


Beautifully put together, every piece accentuates the other. I love it!


A soft look with neutral colors, Elegant yet still works for a casual day outfit


Maxi & Blazer style along with the color combo, what’s not to love??








Carrie Bradshaw, We Miss You…

We all love Sex and the City. We all, at one point in our lives, have fallen in love with not only Carrie Bradshaw, but also her impeccable taste in fashion.  She definitely was anything but perfect but her style makes us forget the rest. I’m still waiting for another show that brings fashion & love together the way that SATC did. Until then, here are some of my favorite Carrie looks…













S T A P L E S : The Pencil Skirt


If you had to pick 10 must-have pieces for every wardrobe the pencil skirt would definitely make the cut. It has been here for many fashion decades and once in a while it makes a ‘comeback’ in a revisited fashion. While the black pencil skirt still is a wardrobe staple, the new season is presenting an attractive array of colorful and floral printed pencil skirts suitable for every occasion. I have a style crush on the mint green pencil skirt and is on my shopping wishlist for the upcoming seasons. Take a look at my picks.



S C O O P | Looks We’d Love To Keep

Fashion is all about the trends, and with each new season we wait impatiently to see what looks will keep trending and others that will soon be outdated. However, there are some looks that remain classics across the years while others look so good we’d wish they could stick around for many seasons to come. Here are a few of the looks I feel deserve a 2nd and even 3rd round in the world of style.

The Shorts & Blazer Combo

The Peplum Suit

The Tomboy Chic Look

The MAXI Skirt

The “Mens Wear” Inspired Look

The LACE Skirt

The Accessory “Stacking”

S C O O P : The Square-ish Figure

In the 2012 S/S fashion week, designers have sights on simple square outline.

Celine, a designer who insists the minimalist fashion. Three-dimensional architectural and exaggerate magnification ratio is the key point of Celine this season. Loose, comfortable pans and tops let people leave the formal S-type suit. This combination will become popular among the workplace.

2012 Celine Spring and Summer Show

2012 Celine Spring and Summer Show

Chloé brings elegant and fresh visual enjoyment, like a cup of afternoon tea. This season, Clare Waight Keller is obsessed with pleated design of various widths, intending to create a textured romantic style with natural, in order to emphasis women’s soft feelings of spring.

2012 Chloe Spring and Summer Show

2012 Chloe Spring and Summer Show

Either the typical H dress trend of Balenciaga, the “flowing architecture”, or geometric modeling, express square outline perfectly. Designers emphasize women’s capable charm by exploration the sense of architecture and volume.

2012 Balenciaga Spring and Summer Show

2012 Balenciaga Spring and Summer Show

Looseness is the character designed in the S/S series of Vivienne Westwood. Straight pantyhose and perspective loose dress which are extraordinary in the S/S fashion show will be the popular elements in this spring and summer.

2012 Vivienne Westwood Spring and Summer Show

2012 Vivienne Westwood Spring and Summer Show


The Street Style Snapshot!

I always like to post Street style pics because as I always say, this is really where we can get true fashion tips and inspiration. You see women/ men like us buying clothes from stores near us, and you can really relate to the looks and say “hey I can get that!”. As much as we love looking at runways and models, and as beautiful as certain collections of the high-end brands can be, many of us (if not most) can’t simply keep us with such purchases on a long-term basis ( except that one day splurge that gives you a fashion rush for weeks, oh I love those days *sigh*).

Fashion Maturity

How many times would you be out somewhere, get your eye caught by someone wearing a gorgeous outfit, a beautiful bag, or the sexiest shoes, then keep them in mind and go shopping with the intention of getting something just like them! We all look at street styles for inspiration, and that is more than OK!

When you get to a certain fashion maturity, which I believe is that stage where you are perfectly in tune with your own style and how its speaks to you, you can easily point out the outfits that will look good on you and the ones that reflect who you are. I remember the good old days when I would literally walk into a fitting room with more than 25 pieces and come out with 1 or 2 to buy. Now, most of the times I have 2 pieces to try and I frequently end up buying both!

Fashion maturity cant also make you pick bits and pieces of fashion inspiration from just about anywhere. You will spot the looks you like, and you will go looking for the looks you know you need to have! Plus, many runways, as gorgeous as the models may look and the outfits may seem, are things that simply cannot be applied to our daily life! We all have those gorgeous party pieces that stay in the closet from season to season waiting to be worn! But lets face it, unless you’re the kind of person that has a “red carpet” event on a weekly basis, you’ll be looking for outfits and clothes that can be worn well with other pieces in the closet and on more than one type of occasion.

So the next time you fall in love with someone’s outfit, take in what you can, learn, and apply! This is how we grow …This is how your inner fashionista matures…