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Get the super chic and soft elegant look of Alana Zimmer with easy basics and great color combos. Navy blues and browns are perfect for each other, gold and red softens the strict school girl look and makes it more feminine. Touch base with elegant details like a visible collar and cute ballerinas.

Sunglasses from H&M // White shirt from Monki // Blue knit from Cheap Monday // Faux mini skirt from Reiss // Watch from Nixon // Sequin cluch from H&M // Ballerinas from H&M



Party Dresses To Accentuate Your GOODIES!!

We all know the deal with body types and fashion, (I still cant seem to figure out what fruit I am??), so I will spare you the lecture of “dress for your type”.  We Often step into a fitting room with 10 different dresses and end up with maybe 2 (3 if you’re lucky). Not all dresses were made for all body types, and not all body types will look good with just about any dress. That is why I learned that its just as important to know what looks good on you and what accentuates the beauty of your body. Its really almost more important than learning what your style is. After all, what is the point of knowing what and how you like to dress if you cant dress in a way that compliments who you are?

Knowing what accentuates your goodies will

1- Save you time shopping (You will learn how to shop smart!)

2- Keep you cheerful (we have all sobbed over a beautiful dress that looked scary on us!)

3- Save you money! (You wont have to go through the ” I swear it looked good in the fitting room” episode!)


Short & Petite: Show off your compact build with pared-down design

Curvy: Accentuate your womanly shape with a belted cocktail number.

Full Bust: When you’ve got it, support it! Choose a fitted sheath with straps so that you can both show off your curves and wear a no-nonsense bra.

Tall: A long retro hemline is the ideal complement to a rangy frame.

Small Bust : Flaunt your A cups with the most daring neckline you can find!


Pear-Shaped : Fuller on bottom? Choose a ’50s-inspired design with a fitted bodice and an A-line skirt


Whats in my Make up Bag

Am sure we all have big make up bags that has plenty of colors, shades, foundation. But rarely do we actually use them all on a daily / regular basis. Actually, I quite use very little make up on my daily outings / work. I really dig earthy colors (not a fan of colored eye shadow unless its an occasion). This is a sample of what you’d find in my make up bag:

1. NARS Brush #12

2. MAC Brush #263

3. NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Jungle Red

4. NARS Eye Shadow Duo in Bellissima

5. MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack

6. Make Up For Ever HD Concealer in #225

7. Benefit Moon Beam

8. Tweezerman Eyelash Curler

9. NARS Semi Matte Lipstick in Heatwave

10. NARS Sheer Lipstick in Dolce Vita

11. Tweezerman Tweezers

12. MAC Eyebrow Pencil in Fling

13. Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara

Which JEANS are you??

A pair of Jeans says a lot about a person. When it comes to me, I love bright ones and experimenting with all the color blocking options. Not to forget the printed Jeans, and the pastels, which are really rubbing off on me as well. However, I will always revert to my classic jeans when I want a classic clean look.
The beauty of the brights this season is that they can majorly pull a look together without having to add much else, seriously, just put on a neon or bright / pastel pair of jeans, add a simple (white is my favorite) tshirt, and there you have it! Don’t forget, if you want a funky yet more elegant / sophisticated look, you can always add a blazer to that same outfit you are wearing, and of course some nice pumps. Even adding the pumps without the blazer can shift a look from sporty/casual to a more chic/casual look. Every piece counts!
Fashion only needs us to have an eye for mixing and matching, and the ability to make the most out of what you already have. I mean, who can really afford shopping everyday and buying every single piece of clothing on their wish list? (Yes i know, some people can do that, oh well, many can’t!) You really need one nice pair of jeans and you can do wonders! Personally, I would stick with brights (not neons) for jeans, and keep the neons for accessories (its all about personal taste).
So if you were to buy a pair of jeans, which style would it be? Get your inspiration below and HAPPY SHOPPING!

Tally Weijl: Super Cute, Super Easy

I really like those type of outfits that look so funky and are in fact super easy to pull off. Tally Weijl is one of those brands that has been getting more popular in my fashion rankings due to those super easy, funky, and trendy looks they put together.  I will demonstrate a few looks to give you some insight, but keep in mind, Tally Weijl is just an example, these looks can be pulled off using pieces you probably already have in your closet!

It really only takes some inspiration / tips / visual aid to be able to put together something you have been looking at either at your favorite mall, pinterest followers, co worker  (you get my point) and wishing you could pull off. Well good news is, YOU ABSOLUTELY CAN!

Look #1

This outfit is cute, fresh, and features pieces that are all very trendy. Take a look at what this look features.

The skirt’s layers and lace details makes it a must have this season, and I think we all have at least ONE printed T-shirt and a look alike bag that we could grab out of our closets. The pumps could vary according to style, and the socks are a funky add to this look.

Look #2

This is a casual chic look with a funky fresh pastel inserts. What I like about this look is that you could customize the colors to go with whatever it is you have in your closet. The blazer could be just about any color (If you decide to go with brights you might need to tone down the bag). You could even switch the white and nude between the pants and the blazer as you like best.

Look #3

This outfit ticks all the right boxes for me. I absolutely love the short skirt topped with a printed shirt, gives it a sexy yet classy feel. I would actually wear this for a girls night out! The short skirt gives a night time vibe but, the colors give a fresh and young touch, and the topped printed shirt inserts some sporty elegance, while the Nude bag keeps the look toned down. Again, we all have at least ONE mini skirt that we like to flaunt every now and then (waxing, here i come), throw on a printed shirt (we all know how trendy prints are at the moment), and a must have is a nude bag that you can add to this look (well you can add nudes to just about any look – magic!).

Look #4

The reason I like this is 1) I love the tribal prints’ trend at the moment 2) It really can work for many body shapes and also different ages. I can see myself loving this and I can also see my Mom (also a big fashion freak) looking great in it as well. The pants, have been a must have for more than a season and continue being just as trendy, the nude bag is something we all have somewhere in our closet (take it out!), I personally was not too fond of the wedges in this look but would definitely put on color-block wedges or even plain ones for this outfit.

Below are the pieces used in all these looks, in case you want details of each look. Lets keep it fresh and funky this spring / summer. Dressing yourself new can really make or break your day sometimes.


With spring being right around the corner, we all start to wonder what are the must haves that would be practical yet still trendy. Well one of the trends that we saw quite  a lot this year (its a style that is always fashionable) is Knitwear. What I like about such pieces is the many looks you can sport with just one buy. It can lift a rather ordinary / dull outfit into a fresher and funkier one. Get your knit fix now! Here are a few picks.

SPRING 2012 New Look Reverse Stitch Aztec Cardigan £24.99 ($39) – Comfortable yet funky. Fresh colors with a nice detailed pattern

Dorothy Perkins Metallic Voop Jumper, £32 ($51) – Perfect Spring Shirt, Love the Knitting details


Diesel Axinite Drape Front Cardigan, £110 ($152) – One of my Faves! Love the color, the wrap style, and you can sport many looks Via this simple piece

Reiss Lace Jersey Cardigan, £110 ($175) – We Also Need a Sexy Piece like this one!

Miss Selfridge Peach Love Jumper, £39 ($62) – Love the peachy color and the statement logo, this can also look good on jeans or leggings



How to: Mixing Stripes

This year we saw a great deal of patterns, details and stripes on the Runway. Personally, I do buy quite a lot of stripes when shopping, and whats nice about this season is that you can mix your stripes in one outfit! Countless designers such as Prada and Sonia Rykiel have included their own twist of the stripe craze – mixing vertical prints with horizontal and thin stripes with thick.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when mixing stripes to avoid looking Tacky or too over the top with patterns.

1- Try to choose stripes that are somewhat of the same vibe (Ex: If you have a skirt with pastel stripes, even though your shirt might be of a different shape and side of stripe, it would help if it is also a pastel.)

2- I like to mix the sizes and shapes of stripes, I never read of had anyone tell me that stripes have to be different sizes but when they are quite similar, I tend to feel like am wearing a uniform rather than pulling off a funky trend!

3- Keep the rest simple: If you do go with the stripes mix look, keep everything else quite simple. Trust me the stripes will speak loud enough for the outfit and you don’t want to aim for funky and end up looking umm Messy!

4- A vertical stripe can help to elongate anyone, however, a horizontal stripe is slightly more difficult to work into your wardrobe, especially for those that aren’t blessed with a modelesque body type.

Fresh n Funky!

The safest way to wear the trend is by using the right length and shape to suit your body type. So, if you happen to be a pair shape, wearing a horizontally striped blouse with a vertical pinstripe skirt could be your best option to even out any imperfections. If you have more of a square shape, in order to give the illusion of curves try wearing a straight across stripe combo.

The combo can be a bit overwhelming so be careful when selecting your prints and colour scheme. But not to fear, if this all makes you a bit nervous, stick with one of these prints and you’ll still be spot on with this fashion trend

Prada Inspiration