Which Handbag are you??

Our handbags are with no doubt the one fashion item that we cannot go one day without. Some of us like to mix and match bags according to outfits, however, most of us have at least one bag per year that we like to stick to in most occassions. I realize every time I have my eye on one, there is at least one or 2 recurring characteristics I end up looking for, regardless of the trends or seasons. For example, I love BIG statement bags, camel / brown colors, and oriented towards leather.

I believe your handbag reveals more about your personality any other piece of clothing or accessory. And in the world of carryalls, there are a few ones that have reached icon status.

Below is an interesting illustration I came across, that highlights six of the most popular bags in the fashion world. Check out what each back says and the personalities it reveals.

Am definitely an Hermes Birkin (If I can ever afford one!). So, which bag are you? 


One thought on “Which Handbag are you??

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