Spring Must Have: ARM CANDY

To finish your outfit, nice accessories should not be missed. This spring/summer we see them in all shapes and sizes. Many times, when I really don’t feel like getting too dressed up, I add a little color or funk to my accessories and it seriously pulls the look together!

Take a look at the audiences of fashion shows and you can clearly see it. The more accessories, the trendier! Bags, necklaces, hair accessories, belts but mainly bracelets. In large numbers,in different colors, and preferably different sizes and textures.Spring/Summer Bracelets looks are looking absolutely gorgeous. From neons, to stacking and tribal touches – “less is more” is not the rule when it comes to accessorizing this season.

For a trendy look, there’s really no need to dig deep into your pockets (but if you can, then please do!) . Its as easy as tying a simple colored ribbon, colored string or a leather strap, combined with a bangle or two (preferably different colors) and there you have it! Gold jewelry scores well this summer as well, but make sure to add it with color, more color , and another color! Take a look at some of my favorite arm candy designs I chose to share with you.

Happy Shopping!


7 thoughts on “Spring Must Have: ARM CANDY

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