Rachel Zoe: NY Fall 2012 Sneak Peak


For her first runway show,stylist-turned-designer Rachel Zoe got  inspired by the London rock ‘n’ roll scene of the late 1960s highlighing icons such as Marianne Faithfull and Mick Jagger. So what can you expect from the collection? Well plenty of  faux-fur coats, tailored suiting, minis cast in sequins, leather and tweeds. The clothes balanced the glam and the wearable, the accessories; Velvet platforms, booties and oversize carryalls were her real show stoppers.

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About AmOoNa

By no means do I ever try to pretend I know all there is about fashion, but isn’t that the beauty of it? Inspirations come to me daily, from people, colors, moods, photography, even children! As Coco Chanel once said “Fashion is everywhere … in the sky…” this is how i choose to live my life. We don’t need to be millionaires, we don’t need to always have the latest and most luxurious brands, but we will always need to feel beautiful. I believe in simplicity even with my most extravagant dress on. Less is sometimes more in my fashion eye. I love funky, I love colors, I love elegance, and I love class. Fashion is not something I do, it has become a part of who I am. This is me, and my life in the fashion lane…

4 thoughts on “Rachel Zoe: NY Fall 2012 Sneak Peak

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