Leopard Prints: Your 4 Step Guide

Ever since i could remember being into fashion, I have had a serious thing for leopard prints. It would just grab my attention whenever I am shopping. The leopard print, made famous by designer Norman Norell in the 1940s, has been a symbol of luxury and glamour for decades. Everyone from Versace and Cavalli to Dolce & Gabbana, Marc Jacobs and Matthew Williamson has somewhere along the line put their signature on this pattern. While we have seen the print go through various bright palette colors, the only print redundancy that can truly outlast seasonal trends is the classic look of the real thing. This is why i will focus on that in this blog.

As a pattern that has become a staple in the fashion world, leopard spots are hot during any time of the year, but work especially well with fall and winter outfits. When you decide to test with the leopards, the following tips can help you stay on the fab track. They are classy, sassy, but can easily jump to trashy!! Do your homework girls.

1- VARIETY & SIMPLICITY: I really encourage everyone to try it out (even though it does really go better on certain skin tones). From clothing, costumes, lingerie, shoes, hats, muffs, hair clips and jewelry, if you are up for it, Take a Walk on the Wild Side! ! Forget following the pack with leopard print EVERYTHING, look gorgeous glam, with only a splash of wild. Trust me it will do that trick.

Hilton’s Leopard Gone WRONG!

Hilton demonstrates how busy and even cheap Leopard can look when worn all together –  keep it simple and safe.

Moss wears it right: simple, sexy, superb!

animal print single

2- Better Safe than Sorry: If you are unsure how to dress up your leopard piece, keep in mind, when you are in doubt its best to keep it single. You certainly can’t go wrong if you take a single animal print item, a top, bag, shoes or scarf, while the rest of your outfit is entirely a shade of black, white, brown, or beige. Try it out!

3- Refrain from matching the large prints: We all read about fashion being pro matching colors and prints. However, when it comes to animal prints, it creates a “trying too hard” look and has become a big no no. If you are going to choose a large print, choose one part of your outfit and make that wild. If your top is a leopard print, let the tights/skirt/pants be non-animal. If you are going for a dress that has the print, make sure you put on plain black or nude shoes. A touch of the same print on your footwear only works when the black, beige or white shade is the dominant color.

4- D&G Does it Right: If you want to be daring and make sure it is right, you can try Dolce and Gabbana style. Sexy and elegant is never a bad thing!Who better than the designers themselves to give us an insight?

Seasons of Leopard Love

So girls, what are your style secrets when it comes to animal print? Do you love to integrate animal prints to your outfits? Drop a comment and let me know how you wear it!

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About AmOoNa

By no means do I ever try to pretend I know all there is about fashion, but isn’t that the beauty of it? Inspirations come to me daily, from people, colors, moods, photography, even children! As Coco Chanel once said “Fashion is everywhere … in the sky…” this is how i choose to live my life. We don’t need to be millionaires, we don’t need to always have the latest and most luxurious brands, but we will always need to feel beautiful. I believe in simplicity even with my most extravagant dress on. Less is sometimes more in my fashion eye. I love funky, I love colors, I love elegance, and I love class. Fashion is not something I do, it has become a part of who I am. This is me, and my life in the fashion lane…

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